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Go & GrowGo & Grow overviewWhat is Go & Grow?Go & Grow Unlimited overviewWhat is Go & Grow Unlimited?What are the Go & Grow Unlimited Benefits?Why should I invest in Go & Grow Unlimited?How is Go & Grow different from our other products? FeaturesWalletWhat is Wallet?How do I transfer money to Wallet?How do I withdraw money from Wallet?What are the Wallet fees?What is Go & Grow Forecast?How do I edit my investing goal?Can I create multiple accounts?Add moneyHow do I add money to my account?What is Auto-transfer?Can I transfer my existing Bondora investment portfolio to Go & Grow?Go & Grow payment limits What’s the maximum amount I can add to my Go & Grow account?Does the Go & Grow payment limit affect anything else?Withdraw moneyHow do I withdraw money from my account?How long do I have to keep my money invested?What are partial payouts?Fees & taxesHow will I be taxed? What are the fees?Where do I find my Go & Grow tax report? RisksIs the rate of 6.75% guaranteed?What are the risks associated with Go & Grow?Risk 1: The net return falls below 6.75%Risk 2: Too many investors, not enough loansRisk 3: Decrease in liquidityMy accountGetting started with BondoraStarting with BondoraHow do I sign up to Bondora?Can I create a company account?Can I open multiple accounts?Investing from outside the EEAIs my country supported?Young investorsCan children under 18 invest?How do I create an account for my child?Account identificationHow do I verify my account?How do I verify my bank account?How do I verify my identity?Why do I have to complete the KYC form?Why is my account verification taking longer?Changing my detailsHow do I change my personal details?How do I change my bank account details?How can I remove my old banking details?How can I customize my view/change my products?How to unsubscribe from summary emailsReferral programHow does the refer a friend program work?Why did I not get my referral bonus?SecurityHow do you keep my account safe?How do I get a new password?How can I close my account?Add moneyHow do I add money to my Bondora account?Which currencies does Bondora accept?Why is my money reserved on my account? How long does it take for my payment to arrive?I forgot to add my reference numberWise payments are no longer supportedCredit card and Klarna payments are no longer acceptedSecurityHow does Bondora safeguard my money?WithdrawHow to withdrawHow do I withdraw money from my account?How long does it take to receive my withdrawal?How to withdraw the money from the investments of a deceased loved oneWithdrawal informationIs there a minimum amount for withdrawals?What are the withdrawal fees?Wise withdrawals are no longer supportedErrorsWhy didn’t I get an SMS PIN?My portfolioWhat is Portfolio Manager?What is Portfolio Pro?Can I run the Portfolio Manager, API and Portfolio Pro all at the same time?Paying taxesHow are investments taxed?Where do I find my tax reports? How are Bondora investments taxed in Estonia for a private person?Are capital gains earned from trading on the Secondary Market also taxed?Where do I find the income earned from interest payments?What is the Secondary Market?What is the Secondary Market?Why should I use the Secondary Market?How is the Secondary Market different from the other tools?How can I buy loans and portfolios on the Secondary Market?How to find and sell loans to other investors with direct sellHow can I use the Secondary Market criteria?How can I see more criteria in the overview on the Secondary Market?What are the cost & future scheduled payments on the Secondary Market?What is the XIRR (extended internal rate of return)?What is credit score and status?How can I use the search function on the Secondary Market?What are the Secondary Market fees?Building a portfolioBondora Glossary of Definitions and termsWhat is the Bondora API?How can I liquidate my portfolio?How do I sell loans on the Secondary Market?Monitor performanceWhat performance reports are available to investors?How does Bondora calculate the net return?Why don’t you calculate the recovery rate on the principal balance?Can my net returns of an outstanding portfolio change over time?Can the net return calculation be improved?Can net returns be positive even if the default rate is above the interest rate?How are recovery rates measured?Where do I find recovery rates using Bondora statistics?How can I use the recovery rate?Affiliate partnersHow can I become an affiliate partner?About BondoraGeneral informationWhat is the general business information of Bondora?What is Bondora’s strategy?What is the history of Bondora?What is the Bondora business model? What are the competitive advantages of Bondora?Does Bondora invest in loans it originates?How is Bondora regulated?What are Bondora's technological assets?Can I apply for a job at Bondora?Operational managementHow is Bondora managing its operations? Who handles consumer credit?Corporate governanceWho is in charge of auditing and internal financial reporting at Bondora?What are the Bondora shareholders’ rights?What is the structure of the Bondora Supervisory Board?What are the Supervisory Board’s Responsibilities? Risk factorsCredit and investment risksWhat happens if there aren’t enough loans?What happens if the borrowers don’t repay loans?How reliable is the credit model?What are the fraud risks?Where does a Bondora borrower loan rank when compared to the servicing of other consumer loans? What happens if a borrower dies?What are the prepayment risks?Are additional loans of the borrower restricted?How predictable are the default rates?What are the risks related to recovery of outstanding debt?Operational risksWhat is the current financial performance of the Bondora Group?How does internet search engine providers increase risks for Bondora?Does depending on other third-party service providers increase operational risks?What if there’s not enough funding?What are the domain name risks?How does Bondora handle competition risk?How can rapid growth and expansion threaten the business?Does operating in multiple jurisdictions bring extra risks? What are the reputational risks for Bondora?What happens if new products and services fail?What are the cybersecurity risks?Are there employment risks? What are the financial reporting risks?How does Bondora deal with impairment risks?What happens in case of natural disasters and business disruptions?How does negative public perception about consumer loans influence Bondora?Regulatory, governance and legal risksWhat are the regulatory risks?What are the legislative risks?How does regulatory changes regarding privacy, data protection, and other matters affect Bondora?What happens if there’s failure to comply with anti-money laundering laws?What are the conflict of interests?What are the intellectual property risks?How does strong legal protection for debtors affect Bondora?How can litigation and other claims affect Bondora?Risk management processWhat is Bondora’s risk management model?What management systems are in place to deal with operational risks?What are the IT risks for Bondora?What are the credit risks for Bondora?What are the liquidity risks for Bondora?How does Bondora manage business, strategic and reputational risks?How can regulatory risk affect Bondora?Is interest rate risk a threat to Bondora?How can business continuity be impaired?Loan originationUnderwriting processWhat is the loan underwriting process? What are the loan underwriting costs?How do borrowers apply for a loan?How is the borrower data collected and verified? What is the customer identification and fraud detection process?How are Bondora risk ratings calculated?What does the loan pricing phase entail?What do the loan agreements and advancement phase entail?Collection & recoveryDebt collection and recovery overviewWhat is Bondora’s 3-step Collection & Recovery Process?Collection and recovery process glossaryWhat counts as a rare case?How does debt collection work?What are the debt collection costs?Write-off overviewWhy is a write-off done at the end of the schedule?Where can I find the information about write-offs in my portfolio?How can I contact customer support?
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* Capital at risk. Investments made with Bondora are not guaranteed, nor is the preservation of value invested guaranteed. Please note that the yield achieved in past periods does not guarantee the rate of return in future periods. The yield of the Go & Grow Unlimited tier is up to 4% p.a. The yield for Go & Grow is up to 6.75% p.a. Before deciding to invest, please review our risk statement and consult with a financial advisor if necessary.