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How do I get started with Portfolio Manager?

Getting started, or changing your Portfolio Manager is quick and easy. Here’s the brief overview of the process:

1. Go to the Portfolio Manager page

2. Choose your preferred strategy and settings

3. Click Start and agree to the terms and conditions

That’s the process in a nutshell. Now, let’s take a look at step 2 in more detail: Choosing your preferred strategy:

Now that your Portfolio Manager is set up, you can customize it to your liking. Choose one of the risk strategies that range from "Ultra-Conservative" to "Opportunistic", add money, and there you go.

From the moment you click Start, Portfolio Manager buys P2P loans with different credit ratings and amounts in your portfolio that match your chosen risk-return strategy. 

How soon will Portfolio Manager start investing?

How quickly your deposited amount is invested significantly depends on the current availability in the market. Only when borrowers apply for loans, and we confirm them, can Portfolio Manager make investments for you since you are funding a part of these loans (You become the bank!). However, due to having a large number of investors and borrowers on our platform there is usually a steady flow of availability. Even so, it may take a few days if you want to invest large amounts of money all at once.