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How do I get started with Portfolio Pro?

If you joined Bondora after 24 August 2022, you wouldn't have access to Portfolio Manager or Portfolio Pro. Instead, get the most out of automated investing and earn up to 4%* returns p.a. with Go & Grow Unlimited.

If you want to invest using Portfolio Pro or Portfolio Manager, you have to first add money to Wallet. You can do this on the ‘Add money’ page. Click on the top right corner and scroll until you can select Wallet

Add money wallet

Please add the reference text to the payment description to make a SEPA payment to your Wallet.

From there, Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Pro will use the money in Wallet to invest according to your selected criteria. If you also use Go & Grow, please make sure the Go & Grow Auto-transfer feature is disabled before you make a payment. Otherwise, the payment will automatically be transferred to Go & Grow, even if you use the reference text for your Wallet.

Setting up your criteria

In the beginning, you’ll have to set up your criteria. From then on, Portfolio Pro takes care of the investment process on its own.

When creating a portfolio you immediately see the expected return range for your chosen strategy along with the number of matching loans per month. In case there are no matching loans with Bondora, then we do not allow you to save the portfolio and display an error message. Such issues may arise if you exclude all countries or, for example, want to invest in AA loans that pay more than 30% interest.

We also give you an indication as to how many Euros you can invest each month—taking into account the number of matching loans and your set investment per borrower. You are able to see the expected portfolio distribution across countries, Bondora Rating classes, and duration. These expected numbers are calculated based on statistics collected over the previous 30 days and do not ensure future performance.

There are many other settings that you can change on Portfolio Pro. Click on Criteria to read more and get the most out of your Portfolio Pro.

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* Capital at risk. Investments made with Bondora are not guaranteed, nor is the preservation of value invested guaranteed. Please note that the yield achieved in past periods does not guarantee the rate of return in future periods. The yield of the Go & Grow Unlimited tier is up to 4% p.a. The yield for Go & Grow is up to 6.75% p.a. Before deciding to invest, please review our risk statement and consult with a financial advisor if necessary.