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How do I verify my account?

It’s an easy, one-off process! 

1. Click on the ID verification tab on the left side menu on your dashboard

2. Complete the missing steps

3. When prompted, upload a good color copy of any one of the following ID documents:

  • A valid passport
  • ID card (both sides)
  • Driver’s license


  • Good quality color copy
  • Document should be intact (full size, including edges) 
  • All information should be easy to read
  • No watermarks or other changes are allowed

Note: It can be a photo taken with a smartphone, as long as it’s in color and good quality.

Remember, you also have to verify your personal bank account by making a bank transfer* before you’ll be able to make withdrawals.

*If you have not verified your bank account yet (e.g. you have added money via other means), please verify it as well. As soon as the documents have been approved by our verification team, your bank details will also be confirmed and then your account will be fully verified.