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How is the borrower data collected and verified? 

Data collection and verification processes are implemented at the same time as or immediately after the borrower identification and fraud detection process. During this phase, additional data and information about the borrower is collected from a variety of data sources, including:

  • Data provided by the borrower with the application, as detailed above
  • The local credit bureau, Asiakastieto
  • Supporting documents provided with the application, such as bank statements and pay slips
  • Special local data sources, such as local county court judgment database
  • Population registry
  • Property registry
  • Behavioral data available through third-party data vendors, social networks or server logs

The various data points are cross-referenced, cleaned up and categorized. Income and liabilities are verified to the maximum extent possible. The outputs from the process, including the level of income and information on liabilities, are fed into risk scoring.

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