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Is the rate of 6.75% guaranteed?

No, the rate is not guaranteed. However, the average net return on Bondora is much higher.

The net return is capped at 6.75%* p.a. All excess returns over this percentage are reinvested to act as a buffer. Even though there’s no guarantee in place, this helps to keep the return rate of 6.75%* p.a. as stable as possible.

With this protection feature, and our 11-year track record, we believe the rate of up to 6.75%* p.a. is achievable, with the benefit of instant liquidity** to investors.

To find out more information, read our Risk Statement here.

**It may not be possible to liquidate assets or withdraw money immediately from Go & Grow. In this scenario, we will make partial payouts of your total withdrawal amount. Read more about partial payouts here.