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How do I sell ​​loans on the Secondary Market?

To sell your loans, switch to the investments tab in the main menu. On the right side of each line, you will find the settings options for selling your loans. Just enter a percentage in the “Discount/Markup” column for the loans you want to sell at a premium or discount. Enter a negative numeric value if you want to sell the loan cheaper at a discount, and enter a positive numeric value if you want to sell it with a premium.

The expected income is calculated automatically. The XIRR will be calculated and displayed later when your offer is released into the Secondary Market. To do this, first, place your selections in the shopping cart and confirm your sales once more by clicking on "Sell all" above.

In the following window, you will see your sales list, which is a summary of all the loans you want to sell. After that, you can specify a Bondora user to whom you would like to sell the loans to directly. Also, you can specify that you want to cancel the sale as soon as a repayment on the given loan is received and also when the payment plan is rescheduled. In essence, this gives you some confidence that if the borrower (who is currently overdue) begins to make their payments again, you won’t miss out by selling your investment in the loan.

In the same window, you can specify that all selected loans should be collected and sold as a portfolio. Simply put a checkmark next to "Sell as Portfolio", then you have the option to set a portfolio price if you choose. Buyers will then have to purchase all of your loans in one package for the set price.