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What are partial payouts?

Partial payouts are a built-in safety feature of Go & Grow to help maintain the return of up to 6.75%* p.a as stable as possible. In extraordinary cases where partial payouts are activated, you can request a withdrawal from Go & Grow, and we will make daily incremented payouts to your Bondora Wallet. That money can then be withdrawn manually or reinvested. Even though they are partial payouts, the amount being paid out will still be the full amount. You will only pay the flat €1 withdrawal fee once the full amount has been paid to you.

The partial payouts feature was built into Go & Grow from the beginning to ensure we are able to provide a steady and stable service, in good times and in bad. The aim of the partial payout protection feature is to give investors peace of mind, an added layer of security, and the benefit of continued stability during uncertain times.