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What happens if new products and services fail?

In accordance with its business strategy, Bondora Group may develop and introduce products and services that complement its current lending proposition or related products and services. However, there is a risk that Bondora Group will fail to develop any such products or services, or that new products and services will be unsuccessful once they are offered to current or future customers, now or in future. Bondora Group may not be able to adequately anticipate its target customers’ needs or desires. 

Its customers’ needs or desires may also change over time, which could render certain products and services obsolete. Bondora Group may face difficulties in generating profits from these products and services; it may incur significant costs in connection with such products. Moreover, the introduction of new financial products or services could subject Bondora Group to additional regulation or regulatory oversight by governmental authorities. All of these factors may have a material adverse effect on Bondora’s business, financial condition, operational results or prospects, or cash flow.

Bondora Group’s primary focus of offering loans to consumers remains intact. Nevertheless, to minimize potential risks, the launching and servicing of new products is accorded to distinct business units with dedicated management teams.

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* Capital at risk. Investments made with Bondora are not guaranteed, nor is the preservation of value invested guaranteed. Please note that the yield achieved in past periods does not guarantee the rate of return in future periods. The yield of the Go & Grow Unlimited tier is up to 4% p.a. The yield for Go & Grow is up to 6.75% p.a. Before deciding to invest, please review our risk statement and consult with a financial advisor if necessary.