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What happens in case of natural disasters and business disruptions?

Bondora Group’s operations and services are vulnerable to being damaged or interrupted by fires, floods, power losses, telecommunications failures, terrorist attacks, acts of war, human error and similar developments. A significant natural disaster, such as a fire or flood, could have a material adverse impact on Bondora Group’s ability to conduct business, and its insurance coverage may be insufficient to adequately compensate for any losses that may occur. 

Although Bondora Group has implemented business continuity plans, any number of natural or man-made threats or disasters could disrupt its business or the economy as a whole.

Such developments could cause consumer confidence to decrease, which could lead to a reduction in the number of loans being made to borrowers. Any of them may have a material adverse effect on Bondora Group’s business, financial condition, operational results, prospects, or cash flow.

Bondora Group has strong back-up and disaster planning policies in place; redundant versions of its primary servers are located in Germany.

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