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What is the current financial performance of the Bondora Group?

2019 was Bondora’s third consecutive year of profitability. The driving force behind this outstanding success was the advancements in product development, increased marketing activity and the continued growth and support of our community. We currently have more than 120,000 investors all across Europe. Since 2009, when Bondora was established, more than €370 million has been invested, with over €40 million issued in returns.

2019 has been Bondora’s most profitable year to date.

From 2018, Bondora increased its revenue from €10.3 million to over €20.3 million in 2019—a 96% increase. In even more impressive growth, net profits grew by 2,184% to €2.3 million. These 2019 financial results are a testament to how Go & Grow has made investing easier than ever before.

In 2018, loans grew by 74% to a total of €60.8 million. In 2019, the growth rate increased two-fold. It surged by 158%, bringing the total volume of loans issued to €156.8 million.

The highest turnover was seen in Spain, with 171% growth.

11 people joined the company, bringing the total number of full-time employees in 2019 to 65 people.

The future

Investing will remain the focus of Bondora’s product offering, but we are exploring new opportunities to better serve our rapidly growing customer base. Bondora will reinvest its profits back into the company, to ensure we continue driving excellent customer service, advancements in product offerings, and sustainable growth.

We expect our 2020 revenue to remain largely the same as in 2019, with profits of around €1 million. Our main focus this year is to maintain and improve our portfolio quality. We will also continue to invest in our existing products and expand the product line.

For more information, please download Bondora Group’s Annual Reports below for free.