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Where do I find my Go & Grow tax report? 

The tax treatment is different for Go & Grow compared to our other products, which is why you can download a separate tax report specifically for Go & Grow.

If you invest using only Go & Grow, you can access your tax report directly from your chosen Go & Grow account. Simply click on the burger menu icon, select 'Go & Grow Tax Report,' specify the period you want, and click the 'Create the report' button. The report will download in pdf format in a separate tab. 

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If you invest using Portfolio Pro, Portfolio Manager, or the API, you can learn how to download those tax reports, here.

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* Capital at risk. Investments made with Bondora are not guaranteed, nor is the preservation of value invested guaranteed. Please note that the yield achieved in past periods does not guarantee the rate of return in future periods. The yield of the Go & Grow Unlimited tier is up to 4% p.a. The yield for Go & Grow is up to 6.75% p.a. Before deciding to invest, please review our risk statement and consult with a financial advisor if necessary.