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Where do I find recovery rates using Bondora statistics?

You can easily find information on recovery rates on the entire Bondora portfolio through the Recovery Rate chart on Public Statistics. The same chart is also available for each individual investor’s portfolio on your Personal Statistics page. Simply adjust the period, country, planned, actual and group by filters to pull the data you want.

5 tips to help you master the recovery rate chart:

  • The period filter shows loans that defaulted in the specific time range.
  • The country filter shows defaults from a specific country.
  • The status filter segments the data based on the loans current status (Defaulted = loan is still in default; Full recovered = the loan has been repaid in full; Restructured = a new payment schedule has been agreed; Sold = loans you have sold – this is only applicable to your private portfolio).
  • The recovery status filter allows you to analyze the performance based on the latest high-level collection and recovery stage assigned to the loan.
  • Planned and actual filters make it possible to determine how the recovery rate is calculated. You can, for example, compare planned interest vs. actual interest received or planned principal vs. actual principal received.

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