What is Portfolio Pro?

Simply put, it is a tool for people who like to have more control over the level of diversification in their investments.

Portfolio Pro allows you to create different strategies and run these as separate portfolios according to your own rules. There are a number of different rules you can set up within each portfolio, as below:

  • Country - Which countries do you want to exclude from your portfolio?
  • Bondora Rating - Which Bondora Rating grades do you want to exclude from your portfolio?           
  • Loan duration - Which loan duration do you want to exclude from your portfolio? Please remember that the final maturity of a loan might be different from the initial as loans can be rescheduled or repaid early.
  • Interest - Which interest rate range do you want to include in your portfolio? Please remember that each Bondora Rating and duration combination already predetermines the interest rates your portfolio is buying. Adding this rule, along with duration and Bondora Rating might substantially decrease the available inventory.
  • Max investment per borrower - What is the maximum you are looking to invest per borrower? Please avoid running different conflicting portfolios, such as the Portfolio Manager and API at the same time as we cannot ensure that this rule is not breached under those circumstances.
  • Bid size - Use this feature in case you want to split your investment per borrower into smaller bids
  • Portfolio limit - Portfolio limit sets a ceiling to the amount that will be invested under this portfolio. The portfolio stops permanently and cannot be restarted after reaching this level.
  • Spare cash balance - The spare cash balance feature allows you to specify the amount of money your portfolio will keep on your account as available funds.

A Brief Walk-through

When creating a portfolio you immediately see the expected return range for your chosen strategy along with the number of matching loans per month. In case there are no matching loans with Bondora then we do not allow you to save the portfolio and display an error message. Such issues may arise if you exclude all countries or for example, want to invest in AA loans that pay more than 30 per cent interest.

We also give you an indication as to how many €'s you can invest each month taking account the number of matching loans and your set investment per borrower. You are able to see the expected portfolio distribution across countries, Bondora Rating classes and duration. These expected numbers are calculated based on statistics collected over the previous 30 days and do not ensure future performance.

After you set up a portfolio you can give it a name and view your Investment portfolio filtered to these unique names.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many Portfolios can I set up?

You can set up an infinite number of portfolios with different rules. You can also create conflicting portfolios but we recommend against this.

Can I run the Portfolio Manager, API and Portfolio Pro all at the same time?

You can use Portfolio Pro in parallel with Portfolio Manager as well as an API. Each of these products are independent of each other, so we recommend that you do not run conflicting strategies across different products. A great part of this new feature is that you do not need to use the Portfolio Manager or an API to be able to use Portfolio Pro.

Please note that your Portfolio Manager and existing API connections are not automatically stopped when you start using Portfolio Pro.

Does Portfolio Pro invest in loans on the secondary market?

Portfolio Pro invests only in new loans on the Primary Market. Loans on the Secondary Market are not currently included.

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