How do I identify my account for withdrawals?

We ask all our customers to undergo the identification process following the requirements of the AML Directive in EU. This simply means that by the time you wish to make withdrawal from your account we need you to:

  • provide a color copy of your ID document (e.g a photo taken with a smartphone)
  • verify your personal bank account by making a bank transfer*

It is an easy one-time process and to identify your account, simply go to your Identification page on the left side menu and complete the missing steps.

What are the requirements for the ID document?

  • We can accept a valid Passport, ID card or Driver’s license (both sides for an ID card).
  • Please make sure you provide a good quality color copy of your identification document.
  • The document copy should be intact (full size, including edges, with no information cut out or covered)
  • Watermarks and other changes to the document are not allowed.

Once your identity and bank account has been verified you can withdraw funds from your account anytime you would like.

*If you have not verified your bank account yet (e.g you have added funds via credit card only), please verify it as well. As soon as the documents have been looked through and approved by our verification team, also your bank details will be confirmed and you can proceed with the withdrawal.

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