Servicing of loans

Bondora will provide, or procure the provision of, servicing, loan administration and collection services in respect to the loans originated through the Bondora marketplace platform. The servicing will be effected through a bank account in Bondora’s name and segregated from other accounts, that will receive SEPA Credit Transfer payments from borrowers, as well as payments from third-party payment gateways (e.g., Trustly).

Bondora will use its reasonable best efforts to arrange for this account to receive any amounts recovered by collection agencies that it has appointed, amounts otherwise recovered from borrowers under legal or insolvency proceedings, and any amounts recovered by its affiliates, including Bondora Servicer, less costs and fees as provided for in the Loan Servicing Agreement.

Bondora will provide the investor with access to daily, loan-level performance and payment information in respect of the loans owned by the investor.

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