How long does it take to receive my money?

From our side withdrawal requests are confirmed on business days at 09:00, 11:40 and 16:15 (Estonian time). The money will reach your bank account, as soon as the transaction will be completed between banks. Please note that SEPA bank transfers may take up 3 business days to go through.


Bondora banks with Swedish SEB’s Estonian subsidiary SEB Pank AS. Bondora has an automated payment gateway with SEB Pank AS to receive credit payment details and issue debit payment instructions. Bondora processes incoming payments automatically if the payment has a reference number or is coming from an IBAN account registered on the borrower’s account. A small number of payments are reconciled once a day manually if there was no reference number and the payment arrived from an unknown IBAN account.

Every SEPA credit transfer customer delivers to their bank before the cut-off time of 14.30 hrs. CET is guaranteed to be processed within one business day.

SEPA credit transfers delivered before 15.00 hrs. CET will be processed on a best efforts basis. These payments will be debited from borrower’s account the same day, but sometimes they cannot be sent to Bondora’s bank the same day. If so, they will be sent on the next business day.

Bondora uses authorized payment service providers to process its SEPA Direct Debit mandates. Debiting the borrower will take 5 business days and the payment order must be created 3 days before that (6 days in case of first collection with SEPA CORE).

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