Financial performance of Bondora Group

For the year ending December 31 2016, Bondora Group’s revenues were EUR 4,176,903 and its net loss was EUR 1,443,847. In 2015, revenues were EUR 2,464,849 and the net loss was EUR 1,852,783. Bondora Group’s loss was mainly attributed to a rapid growth in personnel and marketing expenses.

We are proud to say that in the first half of 2017, Bondora became profitable with a net profit of €309,433 and a revenue goal of €7 million for the year in sight. We believe this is as a result of creating a platform where all parties can find value, our borrowers have access to affordable loans and investors earn a return all within an evolving business model.

Throughout 2017, we intend to sustain business growth in our existing markets and analyse opportunities for expansion to new markets as well as continuing to improve our operating efficiency. For our investors, we plan to further improve our services and launch new investment products; such as the new Portfolio Pro feature. Regarding our loan products, we will focus on enhancing credit analysis and improving the quality of our loan portfolio.

For more information, please download our 2016 Annual Report and H1 2017 Income Statement below for free.

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