Can I liquidate my portfolio before final loan deadline?

Yes, Bondora has an active Secondary Market for selling loans with discount or mark-up.

Selling investments manually on Secondary Market

To sell your investments on Secondary Market log in with your Bondora credentials to see an overview of your investments on Invesments page. Choose the loans which you would like to sell by clicking on cart icons. When finished picking the loans and adjusments are made confirm the selling from Sell all button and the loans will be put on sale.

Faster liquidity with one-click sell button

Selling your investments is made extremely easy. You will be able to define the amount of capital you need and the system will do the rest. This feature is neatly packaged on the Dashboard. Loans will be put on sale with current loans first and overdue ones thereafter with newest loans sold first before seasoned ones. The sale price will be calculated as the principal balance less principal payments overdue by schedule. In other words if you put your entire portfolio to sale then it will be priced the same way as the account value is calculated.

To read more about it, please kindly refer to following article published in our Blog.

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