How do I withdraw funds from my account?

To withdraw funds from your investor account:

  • Navigate to Dashboard > ’Withdraw funds’ tab
  • Insert the amount you would like to take out from your Bondora account
  • Click “Withdraw” and confirm it with a PIN code* sent to your mobile phone

If you are making a withdraw request for the first time then we need to fully identify your account before you can withdraw money from your Bondora account. The identification process is required for ensuring safety of your personal information and simplification of money withdrawal process.


Can I also withdraw funds using TransferWise?

Yes, TransferWise withdrawals** are made easy through the Dashboard.

Our customers outside of Eurozone or who do not have a euro account can now easily withdraw money through Transferwise. To withdraw via TransferWise:

  • Navigate to Dashboard > ’Withdraw funds’ tab
  • Tick the option ’Withdraw using TransferWise’ and choose your currency
  • Enter the withdrawal amount
  • Click „Withdraw“ and confirm the withdrawal with SMS PIN code sent to your mobile phone.

Everything else will happen automatically and the funds will be sent to your registered bank account***. Transfers through TransferWise may take up to 5 business days.


*For security reasons all withdrawals from Bondora need to be confirmed with a unique SMS PIN code which will be sent to your personal mobile phone associated with your account. This is to ensure that your funds are safe.

**Please notice that TransferWise service can be used only for cross-currency payments, EUR to EUR transactions are not supported. Please also make sure that your bank accepts TransferWise payments.

***Please note that withdrawals are only possible to the same account from which the funds were transferred and currently only a single bank account can be tied to your Bondora account. These steps are required to ensure that your funds are not compromised even in case someone manages to get hold of your Bondora account access details.

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