What are auto-withdrawals?

Choose your amount, select the date, confirm and that’s it! This is a simple and time-saving way to withdraw money from your Go & Grow account to your bank account every month without any hassle. We’re testing this with an exclusive number of investors for 3 months only.

How can I activate it?

When logged into your Bondora account, click on the burger icon (shown in the image below). From there, you can select “Set-up auto-withdrawals”. After that, you’ll be directed to the withdrawal page where you can select the payout date and from which account you want the withdrawal to come from (if you have more than one Go & Grow account). Then, enter your chosen amount and confirm.

More frequently asked questions

Why did we create this?

It’s a popular idea on our super-cool feature request tool. So we built it.

Is there a limit to the monthly payout amount?

Yes for now. The maximum amount you can set to automatically withdraw each month is €100. You can still make withdrawals manually in addition to this without any restrictions.

Can I cancel if I change my mind?

Of course! You can do this by clicking on the burger icon on your Go & Grow account. From there, select “Cancel auto-withdrawals”.

Am I charged the €1 Go & Grow withdrawal fee each time?

Yes – you are charged Є1 for every withdrawal from your Go & Grow account.

Are auto-withdrawals only available for Go & Grow investors?

Yes – you can only set up auto-withdrawals from one Go & Grow account.

Can I make multiple auto-withdrawals in the same month?

No, you can only make one auto-withdrawal per month.

How long will this feature be available?

We plan to keep it active for 3 months, however we may choose to cancel or extend it at any time. Either way, we’ll be sure to keep you updated!

Where can I send my auto-withdrawal to?

You can set up an auto-withdrawal via SEPA or TransferWise. Unfortunately, we can’t support auto-withdrawals to your credit card right now. If you make a deposit to your credit card while your auto-withdrawals are activated then they will be automatically cancelled. Your deposit will still arrive safely, but we’ll send you an email notifying you that your auto-withdrawals have been cancelled.   

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